Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Invitations: Invitation To Reception And Not To Ceremony

It sometimes happens that the bride prefers none but her family at the ceremony, and a big reception. This plan is chosen where the mother of the bride or other very near relative is an invalid. The ceremony may take place at a bedside, or it may be that the invalid can go down to the drawing-room with only the immediate families, and is unequal to the presence of many people.

Under these circumstances the invitations to the breakfast or reception are sent on sheets of note paper like that used for church invitations, but the wording is:

Mr. and Mrs. Grantham Jones

request the pleasure of your company

at the wedding breakfast of their daughter



Mr. Burlingame Ross, Jr.

on Saturday the first of November

at one o'clock

at Four East Thirty-Eighth Street

The favor of an
answer is requested

The "pleasure of your company" is requested in this case instead of the "honour of your presence."

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